Our NDIS Individualised Support Services represent the core supports of what we provide at QHC.

QHC – A preferred Service Provider

Quality Health Care is proud to be selected as a service provider in this exciting new area. QHC is a leader of education and support services for people with a disability and proactively supports the model of self-directed care. 

QHC is a leading provider of Indivualised Packages which give our clients greater choice and control over the supports they receive by providing services based on their individual needs, goals and aspirations.

These packages, provided under the National Disability Insurance Scheme are a fully flexible accommodation support package for people with a disability aged 18 to 64 years. They enable people with disability, along with their family and carers to create living arrangements that suit the person's life and preferences by giving access to paid supports and services, and to plan for their future goals and aspirations.

QHC has been providing indivualised services to people with a disability for close to 20 years now and we have a particular passion in working with people to support them towards greater independence. Our clients may have mental health conditions, acquired brain injury, cerebral palsy, people needing behaviour support or who have complex physical challenges.

Some of the ways we can support our clients can include: -

Personal care:
Assistance & education provided with all aspects of an individuals’ personal hygiene, showering, grooming, bowel and urinary care, dressing and assistance with medications.

Help around the house:
Learning about meal preparation, shopping, banking and general domestic duties around the home, such as dusting, vacuuming & cleaning bathrooms.

Connections to the Community:
Identifying activities and services in the local area of interest and help to establish valued connections.

Getting Around:
Helping to familiarise individuals  with public transport in their area so that they can get to work, visit local shops, clubs etc.

espite Services
Respite services provide planned short term, time-limited breaks for families and other unpaid carers of children, young people and adults with a disability - with the intention that families/carers resume care at the end of the respite period. They are services that assume the caring role during the period of respite.

Respite should be a positive experience for both the carer and the person with a disability. Services should provide positive and meaningful experiences for the person with a disability, at the same time as giving the carer a break from their usual care-giving role.

As with many services provided for people with a disability, their carers and families, respite aims to support and strengthen family relationships to keep families together.

Multi-cultural services:
We are able to supply staff from diverse cultural and language groups so that individuals can work with someone who understands and cares for their cultural needs.