Our core values of caring, respect, excellence, integrity and compassion are the driving force of Quality Health Care and are reflected in everything we do.

The individual’s needs are at the core of our business

Quality Health Care (QHC) has been a Person Centred Organisation since its foundation in 1999. Our Person Centred Approaches started off with the identification and application our core values of Caring, Respect, Excellence, Integrity and Compassion. These values are reflected in all company practices and are seen as the driving force towards our ambition to become a great Person Centred Organisation.
QHC is committed to developing better person centred ways. We look to support our clients to:
  • Make choices and decisions for themselves
  • Grow and develop in their relationships
  • Be present and participate in the community
  • Have valued roles and contribute and
  • Develop their talents, interests and abilities.


What does being ‘Person Centred’ mean to QHC?

Supporting our clients to identify their dreams and aspirations and supporting them to live the life they choose. Our Person Centred Approaches are informed by the people we support and by their close support networks (the people who know them best). Our attitudes and values support what we believe is possible for our clients.

We also support our employees to utilise their creativity, their person centred thinking skills, and to share with us what things are important to them at work.

There are three key aspects to our person centred approaches:

  1. Person Centred Thinking – are the values, beliefs and ideas that make a person or an organisation Person Centred. Person Centred Thinking is fundamental to and is strongly linked to  QHC’s vision, mission and values.
  2. Person Centred Practice – is the day-to-day practice of Person Centred Thinking. It is the systemic way QHC employees put into practice their commitment to the values, beliefs and ideas of person centred thinking.
  3. Person Centred Planning – is the specific way of working with a person to make plans for their future. It involves carefully designed questions and processes, such as person centred review meetings, that help the individual and the people who care about them think through what needs to happen to bring about change. 

Our Person Centred Vision

“Utilising an inclusive and a collaborative approach, the QHC management and admin teams, our employees and the people we support have developed a ‘Vision’, an Organisational Person Centred Plan. A ‘plan’ to better understand how we can develop and implement our person centred approaches now and into the future.

This is a vital first step into what is an ever changing disability landscape for QHC & our other stakeholders.”

Brendan Collins – QHC Director


Person Centred Links

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