Quality Health Care was founded by brothers; Brendan Collins and Danny Collins and began operations in 1999. Brendan and Danny believed there was room in the market for a provider who offered exceptional service, could work in partnership with clients and deliver quality outcomes that meet individual needs and preferences.
Quality Health Care delivers all of this and more and through the ongoing commitment and philosophy of the two brothers, Quality Health Care has built a strong reputation and profile as a trusted provider of in-home and community care services throughout Sydney.

Mr. Brendan Collins

Director & Co-Founder

Brendan has been actively involved in the human services sector for over 25 years, having worked at times in both the Disability and Community Care sectors. Brendan is an experienced senior manager with a strong interest in behaviour support, has held positions on boards in the not-for-profit sector and has experience in the planning and development of community focused programs.

Mr. Danny Collins

Director & Co-Founder

Danny has over 20 years experience in providing services to the Disability and Community Care sectors. Working in this field and in senior management roles has provided Danny with an understanding of what is required to deliver quality care and the importance of maintaining a superior team of support staff. Danny holds a degree in Psychology and Sociology from Sydney University.