“At Imagine, I finally had the space to get things together, make new friends and finish my apprenticeship”




Located in Werrington this is an older style property that has been remodelled into two separate units with private access. Each unit has two bedrooms and are well equipped with shared and private spaces. Imagine is a model that focuses on capacity building and skill development to enable independent living


Imagine offers accommodation to 4 female residents and is well positioned for tenants to access community services and transport options in Werrington and Penrith which is only a few kilometres away. The units are well equipped with inviting common areas, living and dining rooms. There is also a shared pool in this property which is easily accessed from the rear of both units.


This service would suit people who require ongoing support and are considering living independently soon. Imagine is a service that assists residents to maximise their independence, and lifestyle and is staffed 24/7 support by an experienced team skilled in; disability, trauma, person centred practice, healthcare, positive behaviour support and mental health.

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