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Maintain Independence

Our home care services team will tailor a package of supports and services that will enable you to maintain your independence and remain at home. We are an experienced Home Care provider and we are skilled in providing Home Care Packages to assist you to maintain your independence at home.


Support packages are tailored to meet your needs and our experienced team are friendly, flexible and provide you with the highest quality of support. We can provide 24/7 support or work with you to develop a package that fits in with support as you need it. We employ out own team and can be available to provide support on short notice. Our service provides you with the assurance and peace of mind you are looking for.


You can count on us to give you peace of mind by providing services and support you can rely on.


We can help you get the right support and assistance to reach your goals every day.

We want people to live life well and with our support, they do.

What's Available

Personal Care

Our team can support you with tasks such as bathing, showering, dressing, grooming and toileting. Our team is sensitive to your needs and will provide support in respectful way to ensure that you are ready for your day or evening.

Social Support

We can support you to maintain your social and recreational activities by organising transport, accompanying you on activities or providing support as required. We can also provide regular companionship over a cup of tea, a short stroll or playing cards.


Sometimes it can be difficult getting to and from the shops and we can assist you with this by accompanying you to get the items you need or completing your shopping for you.

Domestic Assistance

We can assist you to keep up with your household chores such as cleaning, laundry, vacuuming and ironing. We can also help with cooking and gardening and support you with chores that are now too difficult for you to manage.

Case Management

Our trained team can help coordinate and manage your supports, appointments and schedules to ensure you are getting the right assistance at the right time. Whether you need somebody to coordinate your whole support package or just the parts that you find difficult, our team can help.


Maintaining your health can sometimes be tricky, maintaining your diet, looking after your wellbeing or managing your physical needs can be challenging. Our team of healthcare professionals can assist you with a range of supports such as nutrition, rehabilitation, respiratory care, falls prevention and dietary needs.

Nursing Care

Our qualified nurses support you at home. We can provide a full range of supports such as wound care, pain management, medication assistance, recovery and continence assistance. Our compassionate nursing team can assist, care and advise on the right treatment plan.

Overnight Care

If you need assistance over night to manage an injury or condition our trained staff can stay with you to provide assistance and reassurance. We will remain overnight and when not providing support our staff can be getting on with household chores such as ironing.

Dementia Care

Our trained staff provide support, information and guidance to people with dementia and their carers helping to maintain independence. Our support can improve quality of life by working in partnership to understand the causes and/or triggers that led to changes in behaviour.


It’s Just Our Way

We pride ourselves on our ability to connect with people and put people at ease. It's just the way we are at Quality Health Care and we understand that sometimes people just want to be heard, understood and re-assured that everything is going to be OK.


Our team is genuine about who they are and what they can do. We respect your decisions and choices and we are respectful when providing support to make sure you feel comfortable and confident with us. We are always careful to make sure your views are taken into account and your wishes are respected.


We have the knowledge, know-how and experience to support you to reach your goals.


You can count on us and we take pride in our service and finding the right solution that works for you

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