It’s About Choice

Our disability services team will assist you to develop new skills and experiences that will enable you to lead a fuller life and move towards independence. We work with you to identify your goals and the support that you need to get you there.


Our services offer choice, opportunity and focus on skill development so you can reach your goals more quickly. We provide a wide range of services across Sydney which can be delivered at home, at work within your local community. Our experienced team are available to support you with NDIS plan development and implementation.


We have the knowledge, know-how and experience to support you to reach your goals.


We can help you get the right support and assistance to reach your goals every day.


What's Available

Supported Living

We offer a range of options across Sydney and our team can assist you to develop skills to move towards independence. Houses are staffed 24/7 and we aim to encourage and teach individuals to obtain the greatest level of independence possible.

Social Support

We can support you to maintain your social and recreational activities by organising transport, accompanying you on activities or providing support as required.

Life Skills

We can help you develop and maintain the skills you need to be more independent at home and in the community. Our team can assist you with a range of skills such as communication skills, signing, travel training and budgeting..

Support Coordination

Our team can assist you to navigate the planning process and achieve your goals. We can help you to link with providers and make sure you are receiving the right support. Our team is well connected and can source a broad range of supports in your local area.

Community Participation

We can support you to get out and about to further your goals, interests, work or social activities. We can assist you with arranging transport, accompanying you and providing support whilst out.


Maintaining your health can sometimes be tricky, maintaining your diet, looking after your wellbeing or managing your physical needs can be challenging. Our team of healthcare professionals can assist you with a range of supports such as nutrition, rehabilitation, respiratory care, falls prevention and dietary needs.

Plan Management

Our Plan Managers support you in managing your NDIS funds. We can handle the day-to-day administration that comes with an NDIS plan, such as processing and paying invoices and keeping track of your fund balance.

Behaviour Support

Our team can provide assessment, strategies and training to assist you in responding to and managing challenging behaviours. Our tailored support can be delivered in a variety of settings including your home, our consulting rooms or in a preferred location of your choice.

Personal Care

Our team can support you with tasks such as bathing, showering, dressing, grooming and toileting. Our team is sensitive to your needs and will provide support in respectful way to ensure that you are ready for your day or evening.

It’s Just How We Do Things

Our approach is pretty simple, we do whatever it takes to support you to reach your goals. It's just the way we do things at Quality Health Care and as a team we are dedicated to helping you find the right support and right solution to lead the life you have always wanted.


We work with you at all times, we listen, we consult, and we plan together to make sure you get the support that not only meets your needs but also your preferences. It's about choice and that's something you can count on with us, whether it's the type of support you receive, the time of day or who supports you, we listen, and we deliver.


We listen and always consult with you to make sure you get the right support that meets your needs and preferences


We are with you every step and we are here for you when you need us. We are just a call away.


Supported Independent Living

We offer a range of Supported Independent Living options (SIL) across the Greater Sydney region. All homes are fully accessible and staffed 24/7 with a mix of styles including; shared house, self-contained units and one, two and three-bedroom villas. Every home has access to a range of specialist supports including health, clinical and positive behaviour support and our service teams are highly skilled and experienced and ensure residents live in a safe and happy home environment. 

  • Merrylands
    5 Vacancies

    Located in Merrylands, this property offers accommodation to 10 residents in a mix of 1-bed and 2-bed units

  • Imagine
    3 Vacancies

    Located in Werrington, Imagine comprises separate villas and an inviting pool in the back yard.

  • Holden
    0 Vacancies

    Located in Ashbury, Holden is a shared house offering accommodation to 4 residents.

  • Empower
    0 Vacancies

    Located in Casula this property offers two distinct living spaces consisting of a 3-bed and 2-bed shared living arrangement.

  • Embrace
    2 Vacancies

    Embrace is a brand new, fully-accessible property close to transport and local amenities. 

  • The Village
    0 Vacancies

    Located in Ingleburn, the Village offers accommodation to 10 residents in a mix of 1-bed and 2-bed villas.

  • Believe
    1 Vacancy

    Located in Seven Hills this property is recently refurbished and is spacious and fully-accessible. 

  • Hillsdale
    0 Vacancies

    Located in the suburb of Hillsdale this is a shared house offering 1-bed and 2-bed units.

  • Discover
    0 Vacancies

    Located in Toongabbie this property is modern, spacious and well designed.

  • Liberty
    1 Vacancy

    Located in Greenacre this brand new, fully-accessible property, close to transport and amenities.

  • Willow Tree
    3 Vacancies

    Located in Bexley, Willow Tree is a shared house accommodating up to 4 people.

  • Inspire
    0 Vacancies

    Located in Mortdale this property is modern, spacious and fully-accessible.


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