Our Response

Quality Health Care provides essential supports and services to some of the most vulnerable people in our community. Individuals and families rely on our service to keep people safe and free from harm.


To do this, we have taken all necessary precautions to keep people well and free from infection and we take seriously the advice and measures suggested by the Australian and NSW Governments and the Chief Medical Officer.

We all have to do our bit to support our clients, our our families and friends and our community. Quality Health Care is working hard to ensure services are delivered daily and we can continue to operate throughout this pandemic. We have asked all team members to stay vigilant, look after their health and stay safe as there is no natural immunity in the population and no vaccine to inoculate people against COVID-19.

Safety measures

QHC clients and staff have the right to a healthy and safe working environment, we have been working together to adapt and promote safe work practices across all services and sites. We have consulted with teams to identify, understand and quantify any risks associated with possible infection and we ensure sites are prepared and ready to implement strict hygiene protocols and social distancing between clients, staff and visitors.

We are ready to respond and control any positive cases of Covid 19 detected in clients and or teams and we have protocols in place to ensure support can continue safely without risk of further infection. To protect others we ask all team members to:

  • Isolate themselves if they have returned from overseas or have been in close contact with someone confirmed to have COVID-19

  • Remain at home if they have any symptoms such as a fever, coughing, sore throat, fatigued or have shortness of breath

  • practise good hygiene 

  • practise social distancing

  • avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

  • avoid physical greetings such as handshaking, hugs and kisses

  • Sanitise and wash hands regularly, wear gloves if providing any personal care and ensure frequently touched surfaces are wiped down with alcohol based cleaner

Covid Safe Practice in Accommodation

The following guidelines have been developed to assist residents and teams to remain safe within the accommodation service:


  • We regularly clean and disinfect high traffic areas at all sites

  • We ask visitors to sign in and leave contact details and confirm that they do not have symptoms, been in contact with anyone suspected of having Covid-19 or recently returned from overseas

  • We ask visitors to agree to a temperature check and if they return a reading of 37.5°C or higher we will deny entry into the service

  • All residents, team members and visitors are requested to undertake hand hygiene before and after entering the service

  • We ask visitors, team members and residents to wear a mask if they live or work in an area that has been identified as a hotspot

  • Community visits are OK but we would recommend masks be worn in any local community hotspots

  • Any gatherings, including social activities, BBQ's or entertainment should be limited to 20 people

  • We ask visits to be conducted in the resident’s room, outdoors, or in a specific designated area, rather than in communal areas

  • We ask all visitors to practice physical distancing where possible, including maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres


Covid Safe Practice in Community

The following guidelines have been developed to assist clients and teams to remain safe when providing community supports:

  • We request all team members to remain at home if they have any symptoms, however mild and cancel their service visit

  • We ask all team members to use hand sanitiser before visiting and leaving a clients home.

  • We ask team members to wear a mask if they live or work in an area that has been identified as a hotspot

  • If the service is to support a client out in the community, we  recommend masks be worn in any local community hotspots

  • We ask all team members to practice physical distancing where possible, including maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres


If any team member or client feels extra stress during the COVID-19 outbreak, it is important to remember that this is a normal response in these unprecedented circumstances. Such feelings are not a sign of weakness and it’s important to acknowledge this. There are practical ways to manage your mental health during this time, including:

  • Getting enough rest during work hours and between shifts

  • Eating healthy foods and engaging in physical activity

  • Keeping in contact with colleagues, family and friends by phone or online

  • Being aware of where you can access mental health support at work

  • Engage in healthy activities that you enjoy and find relaxing.

  • Try to maintain physical activity.

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