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Improving Life

Quality Health Care's Behaviour Support team is passionate about supporting people to improve their life.


Behaviour Support is about supporting individual’s and their family, friends and other supports to reduce the occurrence and impact of behaviours that can get in the way of relationships, social contact and leisure opportunities. QHC's practitioners understand the purpose and role of behaviours of concern and work closely with you to set and achieve goals to improve your life.


Our practitioners have extensive experience and training in contemporary behaviour support practices and working with people with a range of abilities. Our team works with people to improve their quality of life by focussing on positive and meaningful change through: 

  • Talking with you, and the people around you, to understand your needs and wants 

  • Working out ways to make your life better

  • Be around to make sure that you achieve your goals


We take a person centred and evidence-based approach; this means that what we do is focused on you and our strategies have been proven to work. Our specialist team of qualified and experienced practitioners work with you to achieve your goals; this could include your outlook, relationships and quality of life.


We know that people want to feel confident in the services and supports they receive. You can count on us to give you peace of mind.


We are with you every step and we are here for you when you need us. We are just a call away.


What's Available

Behaviour Support

We work with you to reduce challenging, or unsafe behaviour, which is having a negative impact on your life and the people around you. Our team will help you develop new skills or more positive ways to communicate your needs.


Our team can conduct a broad range of assessments as a way of diagnosing and planning treatment. Assessments help us to understand your support and provides valuable insight into; behaviour, skills, thoughts and personality.


We can help you make better sense of your plan and the options that go with it. We can translate support options and help you implement strategies with your support team, family and friends.

Capacity Building

Our team can work with you to help increase your skills and ability to manage situations so you can participate in community, social and recreational activities

Plan Development

We can support you to get the most out of your Improved Relationships funding by working with you, your family and support workers, to provide; behaviour intervention supports, training or skill development.


Our team is highly skilled at developing resources and materials to enable you and your team make the most of your therapeutic support funding. We can provide training, workshops and on the job coaching to make your support more effective.

Tailored Support

Our team offers a highly personalised service that works in partnership with you to achieve agreed goals. Our support aligns with the NDIS Specialist Behaviour Support Categories:


Improved Relationships

  • behaviour support interventions and recommendations

  • the assessment and development of Behaviour Support Plans

  • working with people to reduce harmful behaviour and eliminate the use of restrictive practices

  • individual social skills development


Improved Daily Living

  • training, coaching and mentoring of staff, carers and parents

  • providing training and advice in regard to restrictive practices

  • individual counselling


We offer a range of behaviour supports for people, providing a combination of supports that facilitate meaningful participation in the community and improve quality of life. Our tailored support can be delivered in a variety of settings including your home, our consulting rooms or in a preferred location of your choice.


Our goal is to help you achieve highly personalised and meaningful outcomes by listening to you and providing services that have been proven to work.

You can make a referral to our team by downloading the form below and emailing to;