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More than just a cuppa

Can you make a cup of tea? Can you imagine not being able to? Can you consider any reasons as to why it might be difficult to make a cup of tea?

These questions are vitally important when considering a person’s level of independence around the kitchen and more generally in life. Many rehabilitation wards and Occupational Therapists (OT) will use a functional assessment such as tea making to assess whether a person can be discharged or is able to live independently at home. This task enables the OT to assess motor skills such as; standing safely, moving around the kitchen, reaching and lifting as well as holding and opening objects. It also allows the OT to observe process skills, including; whether the person can initiate and end the task, sequence the steps in the right order and search and locate the required items.

If a person is being discharged from hospital or has declining health a home assessment may be useful in considering what modifications or equipment may be necessary to assist the person remain at home safely and in comfort. Besides tea making, the assessment would also consider; walking around the home, navigating stairs, dressing and being able to get on and off furniture such as the bed, toilet and armchair.

Our clinical team offers a highly personalised service that is structured and paced to give people the best possible opportunity to achieve agreed goals.

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