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Quality-It's in our name

Quality Health Care supports and complies with the Home Care Standards developed jointly by the Australian Government and state and territory governments. We are supportive of the reform process taking place across the industry and our focus is to make access, choice and information as easy as possible for home care users. The three standards set by the Australian Government are;

Effective management

We demonstrate effective management processes based on a continuous improvement approach to service management, planning and delivery.

Appropriate access and service delivery

Each of our clients has access to services and receive appropriate services that are planned, delivered and evaluated in partnership with themselves and/or their representative.

Service user rights and responsibilities

Each of our clients are provided with information to assist them to make an informed choice and has the right to be consulted about how these services are delivered. We treat all clients with dignity and respect and if things go wrong, we are open to receive complaints about or service. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of all clients and each person’s right to independence is respected.

In addition to the three standards we have also adopted a quality framework that reflect the characteristics of a mature and quality focused company and can be demonstrated through the following practice;

  • A consumer focus in care provision

  • Effective leadership demonstrates responsibility and commitment to excellence in care provision

  • Continuous improvement - management and staff demonstrate how they continually strive to improve the quality of care

  • Evidence of outcomes - organisations depend on the measurement and analysis of performance

  • Striving for best practice - the organisation compares its performance with, or learns from, others and applies best-practice principles

If you want to hear more about our home care services, contact the community care team on 1300 527 464.

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