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Chief Clinical Advisor Appointed

The Australian Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission has appointed Dr Melanie Wroth as its first Chief Clinical Advisor.

Commissioner Janet Anderson said Dr Wroth, who has an extensive background in geriatric medicine, will provide expert clinical advice to Commission staff and also assist aged care providers to source and access guidance on best practice clinical care for people receiving aged care services.

“This appointment comes at an important time, as the Commission and the aged care sector move towards the introduction of new Quality Standards and a new Charter of Aged Care Rights from 1 July,” she said.

Within the Commission, Dr Wroth’s work will include supporting staff by making available evidence-informed clinical advice about quality and safety in aged care, and providing advice on concerns raised by care recipients or others in relation to a particular service provider.“

Dr Wroth will also work on a sector-wide basis to help raise awareness of clinical issues and areas of high risk in aged care, and promote better practice. This will include leading and supporting engagement with key stakeholders, with a particular focus on communicating with aged care providers, health professionals, and peak bodies representing both providers and consumers.”

As a member of the Commission’s executive leadership group, Dr Wroth will make a significant contribution across all aspects of the Commission’s work, including quality assessment and monitoring, complaints resolution, education and consumer engagement.

“Dr Wroth will take up her position as Chief Clinical Advisor in the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission on 10 May 2019.“I would like to thank Associate Professor Michael Murray for the invaluable work he has undertaken, as part-time Interim Chief Clinical Advisor, since the Commission’s commencement in January. I hope that he will continue his involvement in initiatives pursued by the Commission from his substantive position as Divisional Medical Director, Continuing Care, and Head of Geriatric Medicine at Austin Hospital.”

Dr Wroth graduated from the University of Sydney in 1981 and became a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians in 1992. She began her longstanding involvement in medical care for older Australians in 1990.

Since 2010, Dr Wroth has been a Senior Staff Specialist in Geriatric Medicine at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and has been extensively engaged in clinical teaching especially in Geriatric Medicine.Dr Wroth has been a consultant to the NSW Medical Council, and is a senior member of the Guardianship Division of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

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