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Putting the pieces together

Steven moved into one of our Supported Independent Living services eighteen months ago and in that time, he has taken some significant steps towards his dream of working as a mechanic, restoring classic cars. Steven has always been interested in fixing things and from an early age, he has had the ability to put things back together that had become broken. Steven’s mother Janice shared that Steven was always fixing old lamps, kettles and any old bits of kitchen equipment at home.

When Steven got his NDIS package his main goals were to move out of home and get a job as a mechanic. With support from QHC, Steven moved into his new home in South East Sydney. It was close enough that he could catch a bus to see mum regularly but far enough away from his childhood home that he felt he had the space to live more independently.

The next goal was to find work as a mechanic and after a couple of false starts, Steven found a part-time job with Bob’s Auto Shop. Bob and Steven hit it off straight away as they shared a love of the classic Australian built Holden Torana. Bob could see Steven’s potential straight away and has been teaching Steven the tricks of the trade ever since.

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