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Friendship and Food

Cooking with and for friends has so many benefits not just nutritionally but socially as well. There is something primal and incredibly nourishing about cooking for people that has the power to heal us emotionally and spiritually.

In many cultures the act of cooking, serving and eating together is a ritual to be enjoyed and cherished in equal measure. The togetherness of being with family, loved ones and friends is something to be enjoyed and appreciated by all taking part. Cooking builds and strengthens relationships at home and in the work place. It is the act of preparing, cooking and serving food together that forms a unique bond between those taking part. It is enormously satisfying to have friends enjoy the food you make, and this can have a positive impact on your mental health, confidence and outlook.

​​Cooking with others can also be great fun, learning new skills, trying out different recipes and laughing at mishaps and shared disasters all add to the experience. It is the opportunity of having a shared experience that makes it special and can energise everyone taking part. Food brings people together. If cooking is pleasurable we are more likely to cook. If we cook, we are likely to choose more nutritious foods than eating away from home. So, what you eat is important nutritionally, but the act of preparing and eating together seems to me to be important too. So, grab a cookbook and a bunch of friends and get cooking.

If you are looking to develop your skills or wanting to extend your friendship network, we can help you achieve these goals. Contact our Community team today on 1300 527 464 to see what we offer.

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