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Specialist Disability Accommodation

Specialist Disability Accommodation is housing that enables people with very high needs to receive the support they need. SDA will provide funding towards the cost of the physical environment for eligible NDIS participants to live and receive their daily supports. SDA homes may range from a purpose-built apartment in a mixed development through to a modified free-standing house.

There are several different housing solutions and/or supports a participant must consider alongside their individual circumstances and disability support needs when determining the best housing solution for their situation. One of the supports that may be funded for some participants is Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). SDA refers to accommodation for people who require specialist housing solutions, including to assist with the delivery of supports that cater for their extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. Funding is only provided to a small proportion of NDIS participants with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs who meet specific eligibility criteria.

It is important to note that SDA is not housing for all people with a disability, it only caters for those that need a specialist housing solution. A useful guide is that only 6% of NDIS participants will be eligible for SDA funding and those eligible are likely to be in receipt of funding at $140,000 or above and may require 6 or more episodes of 1:1 support and assistance per day.

All of Quality Health Care’s supported living services are SDA approved and if you want to view what’s available check out the houses on our NDIS page.

If you are looking for suported accommodation, contact our supported independent living team today on 1300 527 464.

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