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A kitchen full of heart-Holden

Many of the residents that live in our Supported Independent Living services have had little opportunity to do the basic household tasks that we take for granted. Cooking and meal preparation are essential skills that we support all residents with. Preparing a recipe, buying the ingredients and learning to put them together to make a tasty meal is an essential life skill and Petra one of the residents at Holden Street has taken this skill one step further.

We have our very own Master Chef in the kitchen at Holden Street and Petra is certainly cooking up a storm. On any given day Petra can be found making pastry, baking or making up a delicious range of fillings for her savoury rolls and pies. Petra has long wanted to be a better cook and since moving into Holden Street she has had the right environment, support and encouragement to do so.

Jess, Phil and Katie who have all played the role of sous chef while supporting Petra, shared that everyone in the house is constantly hungry because of the tempting aromas now coming from the kitchen. It’s been great watching Petra’s skills and confidence grow as she has tackled more and more recipes, her food tastes great and we can’t wait to taste what comes out of the oven. We are so proud of what Petra has achieved and our waistlines are proof of the progress she has made.

Our NDIS team will assist you to develop new skills and experiences that will enable you to lead a fuller life and move towards independence. We work with you to identify your goals and the support that you need to get you there. Our services offer choice, opportunity and focus on skill development so you can reach your goals more quickly. skills for life.

If you are looking for a provider that will help you develop your skills, contact our NDIS team today on 1300 527 464

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